Nicola Dainelli

About me

I have always lived in Val d'Elsa, in the center of Tuscany, an area halfway between Florence, Pisa and Siena, a crossroads of ancient medieval roads, such as the Francigena and the Via del Sale, full of villages, churches and villas, whose origins are lost in time.

As a simple fan of endurance sports, in particular mountain running, I have developed over the years the ever stronger desire to know and deepen every aspect of the natural environment around me. The forest, the sea, the mountains are my passion and inspire my lifestyle every day.

Curious about the local history and in love with my territory, I would like to bring as many people as possible to know it.

"Choose the way!", Or you choose the way, running, walking or cycling, and where to go, and I will accompany you.

Always remember, we are not doing a race or training, but we are simply discovering a magnificent territory following our pace.

I am a professional environmental guide ex LR Toscana 86/2016.

I am a FISO (Italian Federation of Sport Orientation) technician, Fitwalking and Fitwalking Cross instructor.

I am an official guide of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park.


... not only a job!

Toscana Hiking Experience


About Us

Our Passions

Walking, running, cycling in my magnificent territory is first of all a pleasure.

Together with other people with whom we share the same passion for sport, nature, the environment and the outdoors, we have formed an association, THE - Toscana Hiking Experience, with the aim of helping anyone to become more aware of the historical-naturalistic riches of the environment in which he lives, through sports activities.

Our motto is “Walk with us! Walk with us! ”, Understood not only in a literal sense but above all as a philosophy of sharing. Those who participate in one of our activities know that the concept of a group is fundamental: we start together and arrive together, each with their own strengths and limitations. We try not to leave anyone behind, which is why we pay particular attention to different forms of disability, trying to bring more and more people to share an outdoor sports experience.

The project was born from this desire for sharing "Never Stop!"with the intention of equipping ourselves with health aids that allow anyone, even with disabilities, to try to participate in one of our activities.

If you also have difficulties, do not limit yourself, we are willing to try together to make your dream come true.

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